A Vision About the Guru
Sree Narayana Gurudev was a saint, a philosopher, a great social reformer a humanist and a writer who endeavored for religious harmony and world peace. In the galaxy of divine personalities who took birth to redeem man kind from evil. Gurudev shines as a becon light and guiding star as Lord budha, Jesus Christ, Mohamed Nabi, Sankara, Mahaveera, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and so on. His teachings are straightforward and simple bringing out spiritual, moral and material revolution.

August 28, 1856

At 6-15 a.m - Incarnation(Birth) at Chempazhanthi, a village neat Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala state- to Kutti Amma and Madan Asan.

       He was born in a community which possessed no right and privileges and was totally neglected and often oppressed and suppressed for many centuries. Then society was riddled with many evils like caste system, untouchability and unapproachability. Admission in educational institutions, places of workship, government services and the like were out of bound for the suppressed people.

       In his boyhood itself Guru could directly realize the miserable condition of slavery of his own people. Therefore he took a decision to offer himself to redeem the downtrodden and the society as a whole.

1860 to 1877

Education ( Vidhyarambam) at Chembazhanthi. Acquired proficiency in Sanskrit, Malayalam and Tamil languages called as 'Nanu Bakta', he practiced meditation in solitude in bushes and forests.

1877 to 1880

Higher education from Kummampalli Raman Pillai Asan at Varanapalli near Kayamkulam in Sanskrit and Vedantha Philosophy.

1881 to 1882

Becomes a teacher and get the name 'Nanu Asan', continues meditation. Establishes school at Chembazhanthi and Anjuthengu.

1884 to 1887

Meets a great yogi Thaikkattu Ayyavu and practices yoga. Observed devout penance and deep meditation in solitude in dense forest of Maruthwamalai in Kanyakumari Distrcit for seven years.

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